Home Move – Moving Company or DIY?

Home Moving Company in Baltimore, MD

Use a Residential Moving Company or Do It Yourself?

When you are moving from home to home, there are a tons of things to worry about, and many decisions need to be made.  One of the first decisions to think about making is the choice to use a residential moving company.  A couple key  things factor into making this decision, which is why we have provided this list of questions to ask yourself.  Answer these questions to determine if you should use a local moving company, like Affordable Movers LLC.

1.) How Big is My Home Move?  This should be one of the first things you are assessing when planning your move.  Are you moving into a bigger home or downsizing?  Do you plan to bring everything you own or are there things you will get rid of before the move?  Figuring out approximately how much stuff is going to be moved can help you decide whether you have the ability to do it yourself, or if you need the help of a moving team and moving trucks.

2.) Local Move or Long Distance?  The distance between your old and new residence is a huge determining factor when making your moving company decision.  Obviously, if you are only moving right down the street, a professional moving company probably isn’t the right choice for you.  However, if you are moving far away, where it may take a couple of trips to get all your belongings to the new location, why not just hire movers that can do it all at once?

3.) Time vs. Money  Basically, this is what it all boils down to.  Yes, pretty much everyone could handle their own move if they had to, but is it worth it?  How much is your time worth? How long will it take you to pack all your belongings into whatever vehicles you have, or can borrow, then unpack it at the new location?  How many days of lost work will it take?  Depending on the amount of money you generate at your job per day, letting an experienced team of movers do the moving for you, at a pre-determined price, could save you a lot of money.  Going with a moving company can save you loads of time and back-aches, but doing it yourself, depending on what your time is worth, can save you money.

4.) Big Company or Local Movers?  If you do decide to use a moving company, here are is a questions you need to answer.  Do you want to use a big business company like United Van Lines or Uhaul, or do you want the personal touch of a local moving company?  There are advantages to both!  A big company like Uhaul has been in the moving industry for years, so they have streamlined most of their operations, which doesn’t leave much room for suggestion, but gets the job done quickly and effectively.  Local moving companies, like ours, Affordable Movers LLC., take the time to get to know each client, so we can make their move a more custom process, and the best experience it can be.