We can move a lot of things, But not EVERYTHING.

What Baltimore, Maryland Movers Can Not Move

Some people may not realize that there are some things that movers are unable put on their moving trucks.  Moving companies need to follow the rules and regulations of Maryland Department of Transportation.  Here are some examples of items that you will need to take yourself.

Ø  Ammunition

Ø  Guns

Ø  Combustibles or Flammable Fluids (i.e. Propane Tanks, Gas, Diesel Fuel or Oil cans)

Ø  Alcohol or Liquor (Un open or Open Containers)

Ø  Soil

Lawn mowers, tractors, weed eaters, blowers and any other items containing fluids must be completely emptied before they can put them on the truck.

Check with your moving company and find out what their procedures are and what items they are not allowed to move.  This will make things easier and there will be no surprises on moving day.  Along with the regulations of Maryland Department of Transportation, the moving companies do not want to put anything in the trucks that may leak fluids that could damage not only your personal belongings but the trucks as well.