3 Moving Tips for Winter

Snowy and Icy Road Conditions

Moving in Winter Weather – Be Prepared!

Moving in wintery weather… not always the desired time of the year to move but it happens.  Some people just don’t have a choice in what time of the year their move landed on, so they have to deal with moving in inclement weather and cold temperatures.  Sure, it would be nice if everyone could plan so their next move took place in comfortable weather and clear skies, but that’s just not the case.

We’ve been through our fair share of wintery moving experiences, so we figured we’d share some tips that have come to help us over our years as a moving company in Maryland.

1.)  Keep up to date with the weather!  This way, no matter what type of inclement conditions comes your way, you should be ready for it.  It’d be terrible if you woke up the morning you were supposed to move into a new home to find that there was a half foot of snow on the ground.  It could delay or postpone a move if one isn’t prepared for a little ice and/or snow.

2.)  Save winter items for last when packing.  If the weather is calling for snow or there is ice on the roads, make sure you have some things to assist you!  Keep snow-shovels, salt, windshield scrapers, and any snow/ice removal tools unpacked and ready.  Imagine if you and a moving truck pulled up to your new home and the driveway hadn’t even been shoveled after it had snowed?  You wouldn’t want to have to dig through packed stuff to get to a snow-shovel or some salt, so keep it handy!

3.)  Last but definitely not least : be cautious and take your time!  This means driving, carrying boxes or furniture, or even walking.  This should be a general guideline in inclement weather even when you aren’t moving, but even more so when you are.  Pay attention and take your time if you are driving to the new home, ice and snow make for terrible driving conditions.  Also, take take when arriving to your new residence to check for ice and snow and clear it if necessary.

So if you are moving this winter, and plan to use a moving company, get a free moving estimate from Affordable Movers LLC.  We’ll make your move as worry free as we can!

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