Hidden Charges and Baltimore Movers


When hiring a local mover to move your belongings, you want to make sure there are no unexpected charges.  Like most you are probably on a budget and have planned on the cost of your move and any unexpected expenses from the moving company can turn a stress-free move into a disaster.  Here are a few helpful tips to make sure the price you see is the price you get.

  1. Have you received an hourly estimate or a flat rate?
    1. With an hourly estimate they have provided the hours that they expect but be realistic, what happens when it goes over those hours?
    2. With a flat rate estimate, you are given a price based on the furniture or items you would like to have moved.  Have you given the best list possible and what happens if you have more than what you listed?
  2. Ask if fuel/mileage charges are already included in the price or is that an additional cost?
  3. Is the disassembly and reassembly of your furniture included?
  4. What about padding or shrink wrapping of the items?  Are they included?

These are just a few major things that companies usually charge for but do not go into great detail when they are trying to get you to book with them.  Make sure you ask these questions there are very important and can make a big difference on the price of your move.

When you decide on a company ask them to send you a copy of their contract to read over before the day of the move, read the fine print and ask about anything that doesn’t make sense.  Any moving company with nothing to hide should not have a problem giving you a copy.  If they are unable to provide a copy, consider choosing another company.

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