Moving in Baltimore, Maryland’s Weather

As we all know weather can be very unpredictable and unexpected.  No matter how much you plan ahead and keep track of the weather you never know when a storm may pop up.  Make sure you check with the moving company to see what their policy is on bad weather.  Find out if they are still able to move items in rain/snow and find out if they are able to protect your items while doing so.  If you are uncomfortable about moving in horrible Baltimore weather make, sure you call the company in enough time to get rescheduled for another day.

If it begins to snow on the day of your move call the company, make sure they are still operating their trucks and what policy they have in place in the event of having to pull the trucks off the road.  Most moving companies in Baltimore, Maryland work closely with the Department of Transportation and get updates on weather conditions.

Moving day is stressful enough and if you throw bad weather into the mix it can be a recipe for disaster.  Make sure that you take every precaution to stay safe.

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