Moving with Pets

Moving with pets

Pets are important members of your family and moving for them can be just as stressful as it is for their owners.  There are several things to consider when moving in Baltimore, Maryland with pets. The best situation is to leave your furry family friend with another trusted member of your family.  If this is not an option here are some tips to help your pet get through this transition as smooth as possible.  In all the planning and confusion of a move it can be real easy to forget arrangements for your family pet.

**Make sure you have your pet in a safe place while the movers are moving out your items.  We surely do not want him/her to disappear during this time.

**Make sure that you do not pack up their leash and any other items that you will need before, during, and after your move.

**Make sure that you save room in your vehicle for your pet for safe transportation.

**Your pet should be the last one that goes into the vehicle and the first to come out of the vehicle.  Please be sure not to leave your pet in a vehicle unattended for long periods of time.  Especially, with the heat index in Baltimore, Maryland.

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