Winter Moving Tips #2

Snow Covered House

Some more moving tips to help you out this Winter!

Believe it or not, a lot of people choose to move in the winter.  Typically, residential moving companies are busiest in the summertime, when the weather is nice.  This makes the demand for movers, truck rentals, and storage containers much higher, since everyone is trying to get them.  So, if you can stand to wait, scheduling your move towards the end of the year could save you some money and stress because of the off-season rates! You may have checked out our post last month, where we supplied our visitors with 3 helpful winter moving tips, so here are some more that a lot of people forget about!

1.)  Dress Warm / Prepare to Dress Warm – This may sound self-explanatory, to dress warm in the winter time, but some people forget to leave behind some extra layers when they are packing their clothes.  Even if you check the weather every day for two weeks up until your moving day, it is a very unpredictable thing and the meteorologists make mistakes a lot more than they’d like to admit!  No one wants to get sick the day after they move into their new house, they’ve got loads of unpacking to do!

2.)  Take Care of Your Plants! – One of the least cared for items when people are moving is their houseplants.  Some people leave them behind or throw them out to get new ones when they move, which is absolutely fine, but if you plan to bring them with you, make sure they are protected!  Almost all plants that people have living in their house around here do not enjoy cold weather.  If these plants are left in inclement weather for too long they can become damaged or even die!  Also, if you plan on putting them on a truck or back of a van with your boxes and belongings, make sure they are somewhere they won’t get trampled or crushed!

3.)  Wipe Your Feet! – This is another one that people forget until they get to their new home: bring welcome mats or have towels ready so that you aren’t tracking snow, dirt, or wetness into your house!  Neither new carpet nor hardwood floors look good with grime and puddles on them, so plan ahead.  There are going to be a couple of people walking in and out of your home, and they may forget to make sure their shoes are clean every time they come in, especially if they are carrying something heavy!

If you’re planning on scheduling your next move in the winter, be sure that you are prepared.  It’s better to be safe than sorry!  Also, if you are thinking of hiring a moving company this winter season, why not get a free moving estimate from Affordable Movers?  Happy Holidays and happy moving!

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